What is Inpatient Mental Health Care?

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Inpatient mental health care can be quite scary if you don’t know what you are getting into. However, most inpatient mental health care clinics are about more than a straight jacket and a padded room, and they are able to really help you out. If you are dealing with voluntary hospital care, then you should know how it works.

Inpatient hospital units act more like college dorms than hospital rooms, and there are typically several rooms per patient along with bigger rooms for group therapy. You also have several common areas and a secure environment to spend some time working through your mental health.

Once you get to the healthcare facility, you will be admitted by a clinical caseworker and shown all of the rules of the facility. There’s typically a schedule that you will need to follow, and as you become better at managing your mental health you will be able to see different people with struggles similar to your own.

Schedules include time to get visitors, spend time in group and individual therapy sessions, and learn coping strategies to make sure you are prepared. The weekends are a bit more relaxed though, with more visitation hours.

The inpatient mental health treatment in washington, dc plans will be different depending on your mental health and your ability to handle the recovery. It can take a while to figure everything out, and the inpatient programs are designed to help you cope and work through the problems. After you figure everything out, you will be discharged and allowed to go back home.

No matter what, don’t view needing to go to the hospital as a sign of weakness, and instead focus on how it can help you. Your mental health is your own problem, and you’ll be the one to fix it.